The Kimpton Bench Working Party

We are a group of volunteers, male and female, that meet once a week to do a variety of jobs around the village. Jobs such as painting railings, trimming hedges, mending gravestones, repairing fences, putting up Christmas lights, and so on. Our origins are in repairing old and installing new benches - hence the title of the group, and keeping the village benches stained and repaired is still one of our tasks.. We also help at local functions when asked, for instance on the gate at the Kimpton Horse Show, putting up tables at the Kimpton Autumn Show etc etc..

There is a seemingly inexhaustible number of things to do to keep Kimpton tidy so any new members are always welcome. We always need to buy wood, nails, screws, paint and any donations to our funds would be welcome.

Bob Finch
Bench Working Party Coordinator






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