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History of Kimpton

The information on this page is taken from a booklet written and researched by John Pollington.  Copies of the booklet are still available.  The information covers the history of the village from Roman times to the 1980's. 

History Group see also Photo-Archive

The Kimpton History Group was set up in September 2002. It has been awarded a grant to enable it to compile a digital archive of photographs and documents, to record on CD memories of Kimpton and to provide a study and storage area for this archive.

History of the Bells

The bells of the Church of St Peter and St Paul

Wartime Kimpton

This includes extracts from local newspapers and an account of an evacuee in the village.

Kimpton Flood

An account with photographs of the re-emergence of the River Kyme during the year 2001 and the measures taken to re-route it.

The Millennium

A description of the village millennium project - a 9' x 6' tapestry created by the people of the Parish. 

The events over the millennium week-end, and during the year 2000 - the Millennium Orchestra, the Flower Festival, photographic project, stage production and footpath map.

Yearly Summaries

The Hertfordshire Association of Local History Groups have asked villages to appoint a "recorder" who is responsible for documenting events as they happen.  Every year from the year 2000 onwards has been covered.

Year 2000 - Year 2001 - Year 2002 - Year 2003 - Year 2004

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