Kimpton Church is very keen to encourage young people to come and find out
more about the Christian faith.

Every Sunday, at 9.30, when the adults are in the service, we meet to play
games, discuss and talk about Jesus in a friendly and relaxed way. Then, at
10.10, we join in the end of the service.

On the first Sunday of each month, that's our turn to lead the service. We
held as sidesmen (sidespeople?), greeting people as they come to church. We lead
the prayers and do the Bible readings. The sermon is specially geared towards
younger people on that occasion. We also help with the offertory and carry
the cross and candles.

Occasionally we have outings and we always run the Nativity Play. Andy has
this thing about angels, so there are always lots of them around!
Why are there three groups? To cater for the different ages, so there is
always something for everyone from 3 years old to .. I don't know.. about 16, I

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