Members meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Kimpton Memorial Hall. We start the meetings with a short business session and then our speaker or entertainer takes the main part of the evening. The speakersí subjects vary from the amusing to the educational and sometimes we have demonstrations when, those members who wish to, can join in with íhands oní experience. We finish the meetings with a cup of tea/coffee and a chat.


We have lunches and trips out to theatres and, as an organisation, generally get involved with the life of the village e.g. at May Festival and the Autumn Show. We also have a choir, which comprises of members from other Institutes as well as Kimpton.


The Hertfordshire headquarters is at St Albans and they also organise a lot of activities throughout the year which the Kimpton members enjoy taking part in. This year, for instance, they have included a 3-day Watercolour Course, an International Malaysian Day, a Three Counties Quiz, a Wine & Cheese Evening, a Tri-a-Craft day and an evening of Music from Around the World. Kimpton Choir joined the County Choir for this last event.


Visitors are very welcome and can come up to three times without joining. There is a small charge, which, at the time of writing, is £2.00 per evening. Of course, we hope that our visitors will enjoy the evening(s) enough to become members but there is no obligation. Itís just nice to meet new people.



The market is 20 years old in November and has grown from six producers the first week to what is now a thriving country market selling home-made cakes and preserves (like Mother use to make), beautiful craft items and hand-made cards, plants and vegetables at reasonable prices, free range eggs, cut flowers and plant/flower arrangements.
The market is held every Friday 9.00 - ll.30 Methodist Church Hall, High Street, Harpenden (next to W.H. Smiths)

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Contact: Myra Gouldsborough

Tel: 01438 832776


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